Who is Bentley HG?

Bentley Holmes-Gull is your friendly neighborhood technologist who loves to help people, and fix things. He brings a "can-do" attitude backed up by years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Not one to be content with sitting still for too long, Bentley is constantly seeking out ways to improve himself and use his skills and expertise to improve the world around him.

Throughout his career Bentley has helped numerous small businesses and educational institutions take control of their technological assets. His passion for technology is contagious, and he's been able to empower even the most technically challenged clients to implement modern solutions to 21st century problems.

That sounds cool and all, but how about some specifics?

Can he make my computer run better?


Can he help me get my Windows or Mac Server working?


Can he help me with a new or existing website?


Can he provide me with an IT strategy specific to my business needs?

I'd love to!

Can he patiently answer my tech questions without making me feel like an idiot?

You bet!

He's a support technician, a web designer, software developer, dog lover, and a proud geek.
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